Road Cycling Transalp Passau-Trieste

Everything You Need to Know Abour Our Transalp Passau – Trieste

Who hasn’t dreamt of crossing the Alps by bike before enjoying some well-earned relaxation on the Mediterranean?  We have hand-picked the greatest climbs on quiet roads to ensure that your transalp experience is second to none! We stay in Passau, Elixhausen, Tauplitz, Innerkrems, Tröpolach, Tarvisio, Gorizia and Trieste


Our Hotels

As is the case for all of our Cycling Adventures road cycling holidays, a good hotel is absolutely essential, since this can define your holiday experience. Staying in a different hotel each day demands an exceptional selection of high quality hotels, and as such, we only select hotels that have a minimum 3-star superior rating. Most include spa facilities for that all important post-tour chill out. We have half board in all our hotels including a generous breakfast buffet. We are passionate about ensuring that we don’t neglect the social aspect of our cycling holidays.

Our 3 Tour Groups

We ride in three groups organized according to speed and ability. Each group is led by an experienced guide. Participants should have some experience of riding in a group. There are very limited options for shortening our planned tours in the Alps. We assume that every guest will ride the entire tour each day.

The Sportivo group usually rides the longest tour at the fastest pace. This group takes fewer breaks and offers opportunities to take part in some friendly races in addition to appreciating the scenery. This group climbs between 850 and 1000 vertical meters an hour.

 The Turismo group also rides the long tour or an appropriately shortened “medium” distance. This group usually rides at a medium pace and climbs between 650 and 850 vertical meters an hour.

The Rilassato group takes things more easily. The group rides at a pace that is achievable for everyone and takes more frequent breaks. A lunch stop at a restaurant is a feature rather than an exception. This group climbs between 500 and 650 vertical meters an hour.

Make sure you find the right group for you. Our cycling holidays are a group holiday and not a competition. Everyone rides at their own pace when climbing and descending and we wait until the group is back together. Otherwise, we ride side-by-side if traffic allows or single file. The guide usually brings up the rear when climbing or ascending. Since the guide has the necessary spares and first aid supplies, this means they are never far away should their services be required. If you feel unwell or exhausted during a tour, let our guides know and we will find the right solution for you.

Our Tours and Schedule

At the start of the cycling holiday, we provide all participants with a business card with the most important telephone numbers. Participants should carry this with them on every tour.

All tours are planned in advance, and we discuss the tour we are going to ride the next day before the evening meal. Everyone is given a copy of the road book, which describes the route, length and elevation profile, together with a short description of the tour.
Our guides are happy to provide you with the GPS file that you can download to your own GPS device for the following day.

We find that most people prefer to bring their own bike with them, since they are familiar with its handling. We do not therefore offer rental bikes. However, let us know if you require more information or our help with this. Our bikes can be stored in a secure bike garage at each hotel. Make sure your bike has been serviced prior to the holiday and remember to bring a spare tube and mini pump for any mobile repairs.

Our holiday starts on Saturday, July 22nd until Sunday, July 30th. We ride our first tour on Sunday 23rd. We usually set off between 9 and 10 am and aim to arrive at the next hotel between 3 and 5pm. Our final stage on Saturday July 29th is slightly shorter, and allows us to enjoy some time on the Mediterranean coast. We return by bus on Sunday July 30th and our bikes our transported securely in a specialist bike trailer.